Landing Pages

When you’re doing a Google search, you expect that the results that you get will be related to your search times. But even with all of Google’s magic algorithms, sometimes you get results that aren’t anything close to what you wanted. “How to cook bacon in instant pot” shouldn’t have a result with a heading “How to become a university professor in Germany”. But it does.

When the search gives up weird results like this, you know not to click on them. But what’s worse is when the result seems good, and then you click into it… And your phrase is nowhere to be found.

Landing pages are pages that you arrive at from an outside source, like a Facebook post or Google search, and a crucial component of website development. They should be specific, relevant, and targeted to a few keywords so that users can find the information they’re looking for. Not as a cheap way to get extra page views, since those are practically guaranteed to end in a quick exit anyway.


More landing pages equal more visitors

So, if landing pages are meant to be specific and targeted, how do you make them when you have dozens of different services? Some companies try to take a shortcut by briefly mentioning each service on a single page, which is good for a limited budget or quick turnaround, but it’s less likely to get results.

Instead, the better option is to make a page for each service or category. If you have a landscaping company for instance, everything would technically fall under “landscape services”. But you can break that down further with a landing page for lawn trimming, gardening, lawn clean-up, tree and flower planting, pressure washing, and anything else that you do. This makes it more likely that someone typing in one of those words into Google will find your page instead of a competitor’s. They can find the information about a specific service and your specific company and decide whether or not to call you up.

Use landing pages to help people find what they’re looking for and be satisfied with the results, not to frustratingly go for the X in the corner and make sure to never return.