On-page Media

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Then that would make a video worth a thousand pictures. And an experience worth a thousand videos. While it’s hard to give an experience from a website (Unless you sell event tickets or something), by combining words, pictures, and videos, as on-page media on your site can help make your site memorable and useful for your visitors. One important part of website development is using these types of media in tandem while still creating a smooth overall experience for the user. 



If pictures are worth so many words, then why have words at all? If you’ve ever had an assembly booklet made entirely of pictures, you probably know why. Sure, pictures are great, but having accompanying words to go along with them makes them better and stops you from having upside-down drawers and backwards doors.

Words are the best way to share complex or nuanced information and allow the option for people to read in detail or skim if they prefer. It’s easiest to find relevant information and quickly find what you need in text, so they’re important to have even in the multimedia age.

Plus, words are how people find you in Google, so there’s that.



Using images is a great way to represent an idea quickly. A quick glance can impart a thousand words’ worth of thoughts and feelings and pictures can give 0ff a strong effect fast.

For your website, pictures can show your products and services, but also the culture and values, the things you represent as a company. Are you friendly, helpful, and compassionate, or pragmatic, knowledgeable, and realistic? Your image and style can be conveyed immediately through imagery, giving visitors a first impression of what you represent before ever reading a word.



Videos tend to get more attention than any other type of media. Videos combine imagery with information and impart that information quickly and can do so passively or actively. While reading requires active processing, videos can be watched in the background, which gives them an advantage in many situations.

However, for as good as videos are, they aren’t best in all situations. The quality of a professional picture by an experienced photographer is nearly impossible to match in video, and complex information that needs to be remembered is easier to review in words rather than pictures. “Where was that part about Facebook ads? Before this section on Instagram?” And then you have to watch them several times to confirm, while a quick ctrl+f can find your phrase in seconds.


Combine them all!

Using words, pictures, or videos alone means that you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities for your website. It’s good to use a little bit of each; words for complex information or things that may need to be reviewed several times, pictures for visual representations and quick ideas, and videos for entertainment and passive listening or presenting figures. One is good, two is better, and all is best!