What exactly is content? 

Content is one of the most important parts of digital marketing and these days, makes up a huge part of SEO. But sometimes marketers get so caught up in talking about the fine details that they forget to go back and explain the basics like "What exactly is content?" 

If you're new to marketing and are just starting to learn about all the differences between digital marketing and other type so marketing like print and radio, terms like "optimise your content" and "content marketing" might sound like gibberish. 

The simplest way to define content is that it's the information on your website. And that doesn't mean just words. It's the words on your website, but also the images and videos too. 

Our eBook, The Beginner's Guide to Digital Marketing: What is Content? goes over 9 different kinds of digital content in simple terms.


After reading the eBook, you should have a basic understanding about what content it is, why it's important, and how to make yours better. And it doesn't cost a cent! Simply fill out the form on the right to download it, and we'll also send it via email for easy access. So go on; download it now!